Black House Jakarta

Hai guys, how's life? Hope everything will be alright even if the sky get rough ... and I won't give up (blah blah, what the hell am i talking about? Okay let's get back to the topic). Yeay it's my first experience to come to this amazing place. One place, 4 floors, with 7 concepts. Enjoy several environtments in one place. And yesterday I came to right place, with the right person at the right time hahaha. It located close enough to Senopati Road, but really hard to find. And here, I would like to say thank you to GPS!

Tadaaaa... finally arrived ^^

So where do you wanna visit first?

Katanya sih awalnya ini merupakan rumah ownernya yang memiliki ide untuk mengubahnya menjadi cafe karena katanya ini merupakan markas nongkrong teman-temannya. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! With the detail of black tuxedo for the front door, it really is the BLACK HOUSE. 

First floor : boutique area, so feminine.

Well, I really love boutique area. So fashionable, with a mannequin with pretty gown as a decoration, catwalk played on the tv, and a cute polka lamp makes me think about being a thief.

Second floor: Candy room and flower room. Full of pastel colors

Third floor: Music area, decorated with vintage cassettes and records. Dominated with black and red.

Fourth floor: Heaven area. Feel of London City.

It provide various menu from starter, desserts and drinks. I think it was fun to come with your friends or boyfriend to hang out and fullfill your stomach with reasonable price, starts from idr50-idr100 (di luar pajak 15% loh).

Mocktail Two To Tmanggo IDR33
Tasted unique and fresh, made from marquisa syrup with 1 scoop mango ice cream on top. Minum dari sebelum mencari (jangan lupa foto dulu and give #foodgasm on ig hahaha), tapi pas udah melt WAW banget rasanya.

Chicken Quesadillas - appetizer IDR55
Isi 8 porsi kecil and it looks like mini pizza. Teksturnya tipis, tidak terlalu keras, lembut tapi garing (can you imagine?). Di dalamnya ada mozzarella & shredded chicken dibungkus dengan tortia imported yang disajikan dengan saus salsa. Saus salsanya itu sendiri dibuat khusus dari campuran tomat & coriander leaf, yummy!

(thank you cahaya)

FYI, pelayan di BLACKHOUSE semuanya friendly. Saat saya minta tolong untuk ambil foto dengan polaroid, hasilnya oke banget. Kayaknya udah pro nih hahahah jadi saya bahagia! Karena you know kan? Polaroid sekali "CEKREK" ya sudah bagaimana pun hasilnya ya kun fayakun.


Jl. Cililin Raya no.3, Tirtayasa, Jakarta Selatan, 12170


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