Collete & Lola Jakarta : Eat Cakes and Dream

Cakes are really happening right now and Ismaya Group's smart enough to make a new cake house in the right place at the right time. Good marketing! Everyone's talking about this new cake house in social media, that means this place is really popular in town. Yeah and I'm craving for this, it's true and I need a long journey to reach this place. Using gps as usual can't help us reach the place that we want. I almost passed it. For you guys who wanna come to this place by car, please think twice. Their parking area only for valley, and we have to park our car on the road. Hell yeah! And you know what? Tukang parkirnya looks so young, but he can handle it well. THUMBS UP! hahahahaha

Yeah I know it's happening and I have to queue for more than 15 minutes. Ga cuma makan disana yang antri, buat take away juga harus antri. Gokiiiilll hahahaha
(hasil kegaringan kita berdua: NARSIS)

(yaaa adek gue mulai beranjak dewasa dan mulai ngintilin gue kemana-mana)

(why so serious?)

Karena terlalu crowded akhirnya gue ga sempet foto-foto dan udah keburu badmood. Jadi gue colongan dari blog orang aja ya hihihi. 

I really love this place, the room design was AMAZING! Cool and full of pastel colour which is my favorite colour after red. Yeah whateva! But it's too small, so I suggest you to come here before noon.

Berikut orderan gue:

Lollipop cake - idr 32rb
It has a unique taste, selain Layernya bener-bener kayak lollipop, not too sweet, creamy, soft, dan yang paling unik itu di bagian bawahnya ada permen yang meledak-ledak di lidah. When you eat it, you'll smile and remember when you're a lil' kid HAHAHA

Bittersweet Love - idr 28000
Terbuat dari chocolate sable shell, dark chocolate ganache and hazelnut praline crunch. Tasted sweet, not bitter at all.

Jalan Senopati Raya no.64
Jakarta 12190

021- 29007997


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