Etude House Silk Scarf Review

Yeah finally, tanggal muda itu emang waktunya manjain diri buat beli ini-itu. Tapi eheemm, begitu tanggal tua dateng langsung iket perut sekenceng-kencengnya. Puasa itu is a must kalo udah lewat angka satuan di setiap tanggalan di kalender hahahaha.

And now let's talk about hair treatments. I really love my hair, tapi sekarang mulai muncul uban-uban ga jelas karena salah pakai cat rambut. It's pretty annoying! I've been trying to treat my hair well but it just makes my hair looks messy than before hahaha. Thanks to etude, it really helps.

I remember how I fall in love at the first sight with etude house. This three combinations were the first product that I've bought from etude house and it continue until now.

Silk Scarf Hair Moistpack Etude House (180gr) - idr 83.800
It specially formulated with oil complex and floral scent, this intensity restorative hair pack deeply nourishes, strengthens, and rejuvenates very dry and damaged hair to minimized breakage while maximizing, sickness, and manageability.

Just use it once or twice a week. Massage into hair and comb through with fingers. Let treatment work for 1 till 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

It smells good and nice, and my hair naturally softer and more manageable now.

Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist Etude House (120gr) - idr 62.500
It specially formulated with oil complex and floral scents (as always), this weightless mist anhances shine and boosts hair's health, while providing vital nutrients.

Shake it well before you use it and mist evenly over towel dried or dry hair. I usually use it when my hair dry about 90%. And please avoid contact with eyes!

This product is pretty good for everyone who always use hair dryer or hair straightener to your hair.

Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum (120ml) - idr 68.800
It specially formulated with oil complex and floral scent (yeah I know it), this anti frizz serum creates exceptional shine while sealing the cuticle with a moisturizing layer.

Distribute it evenly throughout clean, towel dried hair, and concentrating on the ends.

I always use it after using moist hair mist, and before I blow my hair with hairdryer. After 2 weeks this three perfect combinations make good result to my hair. I will always use it as long as I can't find any product better than this :p

And btw, thanks to Etude House for the gift! Such a pretty note, I love it 


  1. Hello where did you buy silk scarf collection dear?^^

    1. all of the products on this post are available on etude house store dear. For more info about their store, you can click here: ^^