Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack Review

Hello, I'm back with a quick review about tony moly magic massage pack. Actually I got this tester from Tony Moly a few months ago and I just remember to use it now LOL!

According to Tony Moly global website, it said that this product vitalizes our skin with fresh tomato extract and natural ingredients it delivers massaging and skin clearing mask effect.

It also a multifunctional product which providing triple effect, massage, pack and whitening, with fresh tomato extract and pure pearl powder.

Magic massage pack can be used for a massage cream and also wash-off pack! It makes our skin clean and lively after lathering away dirt inside the surface of skin. White massage pack whose Lycopene from tomato and pearl ingredients makes skin brighten.

How to use?
Wash your face with face wash and then dry your face with towel, tap tap tap. Apply on sufficient amount to all over you face, avoiding your eyes and lips. Massage for 1-2minutes,wait for 12-13 minutes. And then, wash off with warm water, but actually I washed off my face with fresh water to close the pores all over my face. 

❤ Refreshing, love it. 
❤ Skin becomes smooth and clear. 
❤ Shrink my pores on nose. 
❤ Delivers what it promises to do: whiten, brighten, smoothen!

❤ Effects are temporary, only last for a few hours.

RATING: 4/5 ❤❤❤❤

Have a nice dream! Good night good people~

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  1. i have the full product and can say its quite amazing~ hehe
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  2. Aku suka backgroundnya yang brick bata2 gitu hahahaha *salah fokus*