Maybelline Eyestudio Crayon Liner

Hiii, I'm back with another beauty product review! And this time I'm gonna make a short review about my new crayon liner from Maybelline. This cute crayon liner comes with some glossy pink ribbins all over the pencil. It's really pocket friendly for only idr 20k and it available in all Maybelline's stores.

What the product claims: 
for bigger and bolder eye look, soft and smooth glide on skin, wears all day.

The color is matte black and quite smudgeable. It helps you well when you wanna create smokey eyes looks. But if you have monolid eyes, your eyeliner will be a bit sticky on your upper eye lid. I really don't recommend for an oily eyelid by the way.

See? The eyeliner keep getting transfered on my upper eye lid.

Welll, it stays on my lid for more than 6 hours. Even when I wash my face with water to pray, the eyeliner stills on there. 

Then, I give a try to do some test. And as you can see, I need to rub hard the heart line on my hand. This crayon liner is really hard to remove. Yes it starts to fade, but it doesn't go off completely. 

It's quite worth it for a 20k crayon liner, right? If you don't trust me, just see in the pic below:


❤ Good price! Really affordable
❤ Good staying power
❤ Highly pigmented
❤ sharp-enable eye pencil
❤ Smudgeable for smokey eyes look
❤ Available in all Maybelline's stores

❤ Hard to remove
❤ Kept getting transfered into my upper eye lid

RATING: 4/5 
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

With love, 


  1. nambah lagi list eyeliner pencil yang belum aku coba, jadi pengen hehehe. nice, review!

    following you

  2. boleh dicoba nih kayaknya :D
    nice review ;)

  3. Baru tahu eye liner ini. Murah lagi ya. Selama ini aku pakai VOV untuk yang pensil. Nice post. Just followed you. Keep posting btw ^ ^

    1. Iya ini murah banget, dan good pigmented! Wajib icip deh pokoknya :p