Liebster Award Nomination

Hi beauties! How are you? Well, I really enjoying this weekend at home. Because I have a lot tasks to do at office in the last few weeks. I'd read some post like this but no one tag me! So sad, NO ONE! Until one day I start googling my blog's name and I found my blog nominated for Liebster Award by Rvenohart. So excited hahahaha. Then continue with Cut Auzola AzaliaVina and Lova Adlina nominated me (again) for Liebster Award! So many thanks beautieeeesssss *smooch*

What is Liebster Award?

Liebster Award given to those with follower less than 200. As I know, Liebster awards has German origins. The word "liebster" has several definitions such as dearest, sweetest, kindest, beloved. So, Liebster Award was created to discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere ^^

But, it has some rules:
  1. You need to answer the 11 questions that given by the person who nominated you
  2. Thanks, links back and inform the person who nominated you
  3. Display the award logo on your blog
  4. Choose 11 people and link them on your post and give them 11 questions and tell them
  5. Write 11 facts about yourself

And now, here are 11 random facts about me:

  1. I really love my curly hair so much
  2. I love to sing a long in the whole day, it such a mood booster for me
  3. Kdrama lover
  4. Addicted to Running man LOL
  5. Can't stop talking, a lil' bit too talkative
  6. But I'm a good listener by the way!
  7. I prefer talk to people straight to the point than talk behind them
  8. I curse people when they told me I'm FAT!!!
  9. I love to eat but I don't wanna get fat LOL
  10. When I'm bored, I went to The Guardian and looking for new make up products with affordable price.
  11. I HATE COCKROACH! I'll scream, even if it's only a pic

And now, let's answer all of the questions ...

Answers to Rvenohart's questions:
1. Your hobby? Singing! All night long, everyday, everytime and everywhere haha!
2. Your skills? My skills? Well I took singing course for more than 3years. And for now I still improve my singing skill and also blogging ^^
3. Japan or Korea? KOREAAAA *wink wink*
4. If you can have a make-over, what part of you that you'll make over? Nope! I'm so grateful for what I have
5. The person you admire or crazy about? Can be fictional.

Savannah Outen! She's an American youtube singer. I love her voice, make up, and all of her cover versions.
6. Shopping or watch movie? Shopping! When I'm bored, shopping helps
7. Favorite place to hang out? Black house cafe, that's a nice place to have dinner with your lovely friend or boyfriend
8. What's the thing that you're currently looking or wanting to buy? New phone, because my old phone battery run out so quick
9. Any allergies? Yes, dust allergy. I'll sneezing all the time until I drink a glass of warm water.
10. Your favorite sports? Squats, by the way I'm on my 4th day of squats challenge
11. If you can live anywhere, including fictional places, where would you choose? If fictional, from where is that? Pragueeee, because my bestfriend stay there for her master degree until next year. And I miss her so much!

Answers to Cut Auzola Azalia's questions:
1. do you like to use contact lens better when doing makeup look or just stick with your natural eyes? why? I never use contact lens because my one of my close friends tells me that her eyes irritated from using contact lens
2. what hair color do you want most? Pink ombre! But I have to think twice because of my dark skin
3. matte or shimmer eyeshadow? why? Matte, because I already have a lot of shimmer eyeshadow
4. favorite disney princess? Jasmine! I love her outfit so much
5. what makes you want to be a beauty blogger? It's about passion. I'm really enjoying to write a post about beauty 
6. your favorite person of earth? 

SONG JOONG KI OPPA♥. He's one of my fave person on earth, beside he's a good looking guy, he's also kind and warm-hearted. His face, his eyes, makes me feel warm LOL!
7. Smokey look or natural look? why? Natural! Because I have monolid eyes, so it's quite difficult for me to do smokey look.
8. Favorite makeup guru? @makeupbysharona on instagram
9. favorite face wash? Olay natural white foaming cleanser
10. your biggest beauty problem? Uneven skin tone! Yeah my face color looks terrible if I went outside in hot weather.
11. What makeup brand you love most? NYX, Sephora, Wardah, Etude house, wet 'n' wild, and e.l.f. All of the products I mentioned are really pocket friendly!

Answers to Vina's questions:
1. What's your go-to outfit? Keep simple and chic, this pic describe me so much.

2. You have only 10 minutes to do your makeup. What will you use? Of course, I put eyebrow on my first step! Everything's gonna be alright if my eyebrow is in a great position LOL.
3. Do you prefer classic bag or trendy bag? Why? I prefer classic, because this bag is kinda timeless!
4. Who is your fashion icon? Fashion icon? Lee Seong Min! She is a fashion model and also a blogger. I knew her for the first time from KDrama Emergency Couple. Oh my god,she looks great in anything she wears.

5. What do you look for when you're buying shoes? First of all, the price LOL, then the design.
6. What is your signature fragrance? Floral. I Actually use fragrance once in the morning. So I decided to use floral scent to look and smell fresh.
7. Do you have phobia? Yes yes yes, I hate cockroach so much and I think I'm gonna die if I saw that f***ing insect!!!!!!!
8. What do you think about flower crown? It's pretty, but I'm not really sure to use it when I wanna hangout at mall. One day I went to PIM and saw a woman use flower crown, and I thought she's a FREAK. I don't know why, but that fashion style was too much LOL.
9. Your ultimate favorite place to shop? Forever21 wohoooo, I really wanna scream when I wnt to that fashion store. Every products looks really cute and I really wanna buy them all.
10. If you can only follow one person on Twitter or Instagram, who would that be? @Placetogojkt they give us informations about good places to hangout in Jakarta. All of their pics looks very beautiful.
11. What is your holy grail foundation/bb cream? Neither of them. I don't wanna use both of them on my everyday make up, because it makes my face dry. But when I do make up, I always apply Nature Republic Collagen HD Foundation SPF25 PA++ (23 medium beige). I don't have other BB cream than Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral BB Cream Natural. Because I think, BB cream is too heavy for my face. For your information, I always use Rachel K CC Cream for my everyday make up. Flawless effect, matte and radiant complexion.

Answers to Lova Adlina's questions:
1. Describe yourself in 3 words! Fun, honest and talkative.
2. Favorite activities to do in your spare time? Watch Kdrama or Running man. I love to watch RM so much LOL
3. Beach or mountain? Why? I prefer going to Mountain, because of the fresh air. I'm looking for more fresh air because of the pollution in Jakarta. I don't really like beach, it make my face feels like it's burning. I have sensitive skin by the way.
4. Describe your fashion style. Simple, casual and comfort ... I think? LOL

5. Favorite fashion and makeup brand(s)?
Fashion brands: Forever21, Uniqlo, H&M, New Look.
Make up brands: NYX, Etude House, Sephora, Maybelline, Olay, Sleek.
6. Skincare and/or makeup products that you can not live without?

I can't live home without this drawing eyebrow from Etude House! it's okay if my face look messed up if I ended up with okay eyebrow LOL LOL LOL
7. Offline or online shopping? Why?
Online! Because I'm working in an online company and I can compare all the stuff's prices between offline and online store. And I prefer online!!!
8. If you can only bring 3 items with you on a deserted island, what’d you bring?
Sunblock, face sunscreen and vaseline petroleum jelly!
9. 3 favorite blogs (with links)?
10. Thing(s) you learned recently? (like new recipes or new makeup looks :)
4 themes of eye make up looks, such as: zodiac, ombre, lollipop and gothic. For more details, please click here!
11. Lifetime wish(es)?
My lifetime wish? I think I really wanna have a great body shape, eat as much as I want without getting fat *you wish!*

Okay! Finally it's over with answering all of the questions. And here are the 11 blogger that I nominee:
  1. Itsbella
  2. Esybabsy
  3. Aloha-bebe
  4. Girlsweethings
  5. Everythingaboutbella
  6. Chrysalisgals
  7. Theshimmeringsheema
  8. Anggielian
  9. Jessicaalicia
  10. Shintalauraswa
  11. Pinkuroom
My 11 questions:
  1. Tell me the reasons why you blog?
  2. What inspired you to start blogging?
  3. What is your favourite moisturiser?
  4. Tell me your skin routine?
  5. If you will be given IDR 100k to spend on makeup or beauty products, what would you buy?
  6. How long does it take you to complete your normal makeup look and hairstyle?
  7. If you could only paint your nails the same color for the rest of your life, what color would it be and why?
  8. The most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had related to beauty?
  9. If you can style/make-up anyone famous (or otherwise), who will it be and why?
  10. Have you ever purchased a product and wished you never did?
  11. Your favorite song? Why?

Thank you guys for nominating me! It means so much to me~

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