Blink Charm Fake Eyelashes Sexy Volume #1

Is there any women who doesn't wanna look pretty each day? I guess not! Most women do the makeup routine to look great everyday. But believe me it's very easy for you to look different, only with focusing on your eye makeup.

Blink Charm Fake Eyelashes Sexy Volume #1

Talking about eye makeup, it will be maximized if you are using fake eyelashes right? So right now, I'll do a quick review about my new fave fake eyelashes. It's Blink Charm Sexy Volume #1.

how to use fake eyelashes or false eyelashes

Blink Charm is made from 100% sterilized natural hair, meticulously hand-crafted for perfect uniformity and comfort. Whether you're into natural, flirtatious look or dramatic flair, they have all bases covered with three absolutely stunning styles for everyone to seize!

Blink Charm Fake Eyelashes Sexy Volume #1

It comes in a pair of fake eyelashes with its glue inside the girly packaging. Before I forget, I'll give you tips when you are using fake eyelashes:

You have to make sure about where you wanna go. It's a big NO if you dare trying to adhere 3 fake eyelashes to your eyelash when you're going to school, LOL~

What it claimed on their page:
"Nobody can blame a girl who wants to spice up her look. It is inherently every girl's birth right. When that fun-loving attitude emerges, it definitely calls for Blink Charm Sexy Volume. The lashes' alluring thickness and deep black glamorize the eyes with the perfect volume they need, enhancing a powerful punch to your lashes, giving a dramatic charming look. Caution: Sexy Volume may cause involuntary head-turning movement in nearby men (and women)."
Blink Charm Fake Eyelashes Sexy Volume #1 review


It can maximized my eye makeup look just like what it claimed! And this fake eyelashes can complete my glamour makeup.


Rp. 25.000,-


 Easy to apply


 Be careful when you remove your eyelashes, because the lashes easily dislodged
♥ The glue didn't work well



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  1. woiii eye makeupnya kece woi wwkkwkw

    1. wei makasih wei dipuji sama yang cantik aku jadi geer hihihi :*

  2. kereeeen bangeeet rie <3 <3 suka suka <3 <3

  3. aaah.. pada nyobain Blink Charm.. saya juga maaaak.. beli online bisa nggak sich rie??

    1. Bisa mbak Dine, di tokopedia, luxola sama odioli ada kok. Tapi harganya pasti beda-beda hihihi

    2. Hi mbaj Ririe ...

      Kl di bukalapak ada juga ya?


  4. eyeshadownya bagus... salah fokus

  5. Ihiyyy! Cantik false eye lashesnyaaa ^^
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    1. Thank you Karlina hihihi. Wah nanti aku visit ya blog kamu hehe