Disney Frozen Olaf Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys, how's your day? Lately, I often see make up tutorials of Disney's Frozen character such as Anna and Elsa. Only both of them! I never see a make up tutorial that inspired by Olaf, as the cute character of Disney Frozen. So I try to make the cute make up tutorial inspired by Olaf. Poor Olaf :(

I only use 4 colors of this tutorial, blue, white, black and lil' bit orange. It's really a simple make up tutorial! Yes, it really is. So, let's start!

Well, it's me before I messed up my face LOL

And let's get started ...

  1. Apply eyeshadow base / eye primer to make the eyeshadow pop and place a piece of tape from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow.
  2. Apply blue eyeshadow on to the outer of your eyelid, then blend it well.
  3. Placing white eyeshadow from the inner half of your eyelid until the inner corner of your eye. And blend the eyeshadow until you get a nice transition color from the white to the blue. And don't forget to highlight your brow bone with white eyeshadow!
  4. Remove the tape, and place a new piece of tape. Make a triangle shape gap from the outer corner of your eye. Fill in the triangle gap with white eyeshadow and blend it out.
  5. Apply the blue eyeshadow below the line of the white eyeshadow.
  6. Use orange eyeshadow along your lower eyeliner.
  7. Put 3 black dots into the middle of the white gap, with the back of your small brush.
  8. Use eyeliner and make it wing at the outer corner of your eye. Don't forget to use your mascara! ^^

#SELFIE time!!! Here's my complete look inspired by Olaf 

Products that I used:
  1. NYX eyeshadow base in white
  2. NYX milk jumbo eye pencil
  3. Sleek Makeup i Divine Ultra Matte V1 Brights Palette
  4. Sephora smart liner
  5. Maybelline falsies mascara
  6. NYX Cannes soft matte lip cream
I'm really enjoying to make this tutorial. It's really fun! Thank you so much for reading

With love, 


  1. OLAF!
    nice makeup. thanks for sharing.

    Im Piccha

  2. Love olaf sooo muchhh ,keren banget kak tutorialnya ^^
    Kayak ice queen gitu ^^
    Kak ririe cantik banget fotdnya ^^

    1. Makasih sayang, ayo ayo bikin juga dong. Olaf emang super cuteeeee <3

  3. ih lucuuuuu!! blendingnya cakep banget riiii <3


    1. Thanks Vinaaa, thanks for stopping by juga ya dear :*

  4. Seger rie^^ cakeeep banget.. ada aja nih ide nya..

  5. Olaf ??? hahaha ide bagus rie..
    kamu cantik banget..
    suka sama eyeshadownya ^^


    1. Hai Hani, thanks for stopping by ya. Ah yg muji aja lebih cantik :*

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. Sure, I'll joining your giveaway as soon as possible ^^