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My name is Nuria Prameswari, but you can call me Ririe. Why my name is Nuria? My parents decided to put "ia" after Nur. In Arabic, Nur means "a reflected light" and in Javanese, Prameswari means "a Queen". So I'm trying to figure out the meaning of my name, Nuria Prameswari means "The reflected light of a Queen" hopefully I can shine bright like a diamond LOL! hahahhaha

I'm an Indonesian Beauty Blogger also Beauty Vlogger and I'm so proud of it! I became a beauty enthusiast since 2013 after I realized that even a natural makeup needs makeup. So at the same year I start to post something about beauty. How and Why I want to be a beauty blogger?

Beauty Blogger Indonesia www.sweetlikeapeach.com by Ririe Prameswari

I was born in Jakarta, June 6th 1990. 26 yo adult baby. 


 Height: 160 cm
♥ Weight: 53 kg
♥ Shoe size: 37 (heels), 38 (sport)
♥ Eye color: Dark Brown
♥ Skin: Normal, lil' bit dry in T-Zone
♥ Hair color: Black
♥ Skin tone: Light medium tan

I have graduated from The London School of Public Relations Jakarta, majoring in Mass-Com, batch XII. After a long journey, on 2010 I finally found my passion to work as a social media specialist in one of the biggest marketplace in Indonesia then I pursue my future in an airline company loyalty programme as a Social Media Manager on 2018. Uh oh! After 4 months I decided to focus on managing my OWN SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM! No more drama, no more toxic people, no more company's KPI!!!! LOL

Well, I have slanted eyes with medium curly hair and 100% Javanese brown skin. I personally have fallen in love with peach iced tea although it will unable me to go to sleep at night. Yup, I will get insomnia after drinking tea. Weird, isn't it?

Oh ya I also start to share everything about my daily life, beauty hacks and fashion tips (for an ordinary woman like me) on my youtube channel haha. Check this out:

Beside that, I love to seek new place to eat, hangout with my friend, and also my husband (which ultimately successful to go through LDR for 3 years and 2 years normal dating) Hahahaha. 

Sorry for my bad English grammar and misspells. Because I live in Indonesia, I decided to write down everything in both languages (bahasa and English) ^^


beauty blogger from Indonesia - Indonesian Beauty Blogger

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beauty tips by Indonesian Beauty Blogger - tips kecantikan dari beauty blogger Indonesia
Medhatter Singapore - beauty hacks by Ririe on May 2015



All products mentioned in this blog were based on my own experience. I never copied someone else's post. So, I hope you did it too!

Thanks for reading 


  1. hai.. nice personality

  2. Oh no!!! You make me feel so fly LOL :D

  3. hai riri, aku follow soundcloud mu lohhh , salam kenal yaa :)

    1. Hai Sheila, thank you so much. Salam kenal juga ya :)

  4. Ga keliatan banget kl lahiran 1990 , and i love your blog 😁😁

    1. Hai Hanaaa, thanks ya hihihi. Ga keliatan tahun 90 jangan-jangan aku kayak 80 hahahha

  5. Hi Kak Ririe, I have nomineed you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award, plis check it out https://istrinyaeri.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

    1. Thank youuuuuu Puji buat awardnya hihihihi :* :* :*

  6. Kaa serius 24? Aku pikir masih sma wkwk._.

    1. Ahhhh aku masih 17 kok *minta ditabok* hahahah :p

  7. Hai Ririe... Bbrp kali ketemu di event tp blum pernah sapa langsung... :)

    1. Hai hai, sapa aku doooong nanti kita ngerumpi hihhihi :*

  8. Hi kak riri, salam kenal. Yaampun baby face banget mukanya, suka review2mu kak :D

  9. Hi kak riri, salam kenal. Yaampun baby face banget mukanya, suka review2mu kak :D

  10. I was googling about how to fix damaged hair as my hair went too dry due to much of colouring then it referred me to your "cara merawat rambut rusak dengan ellips" then I started to note down what products to buy.
    Until I saw some of your posts that made me think. Why this little girl need to make a tutorial about make up at her age? isn't that way too early? (as I thought you were 16-ish, hahahaha)

    then my curiosity brought me to this page ....
    GOD, we are at the same age! hahahaha

    seriously, you look younger than your actual age which is GOOD ^^
    nice blog Ririe, looking forward for your posts ^^

    dan Salam Kenal yaaaa.

  11. Cantik banget sih kaaaak😃😃😍😍


  12. Awalnya nemu akun IG kamu, eh ternyata ada channel youtubenya. Kenapa saya tertarik nonton youtube kamu karna kulit muka kita sama. Aku kayak nemu sesuatu yang udah lama banget di cari haha. ehhh ternyata ada blognya juga. Terus berkarya ya.

  13. Oh, wow!!! baru nemu web nya ka ririe sekarang dan ternyata udah berkonten sejak luama pooool. kayaknya bakalan sering kesini buat baca2 karena eycatching dan tulisannya enak bangettt