Get Off With Those Head Sample For Free

Have you read my previous post about how I remove my whiteheads? Including the before - after picture! You can read my previous post about B.liv by click here.

I have a good news for al of you! Now, you can also try this product. Go grab the sample by click here.

How to get B.liv off with those head 3 ml sample:
1. You will saw the above visual pop
2. Fill in the needed information and click submit!
3. Click 'share' button to share the picture below at facebook with hashtag #blivIndonesia to finish your entry

4. Follow them on Fb:
5.  Follow the instagram account: @bliv_indonesia for latest information and winner list

They will email you and attached the discount via E-mail, also the sample off with those head 3ML will courier to you.



  1. Makasih sayang untuk informasi penting ini >_< *i hate so much the whiteheads on my chin -__-"*

    1. Yuk buruan ikutin step by stepnya ya, siapa tau beruntuuung cwiiin :*