Kara Mamma Mia Goo Hara Inspired Make Up Tutorial

Hello guys! Have you watched Kara's new MV Mamma Mia? I thought Goo Hara steals the spotlight in her new MV. My eyes are locked on Hara, she's got my attention and I don't know why.

So today I'm going to do another tutorial and this one is inspired by Goo Hara in her new MV Mamma Mia. I love the fact that this look is wearable for everyday look (without lower fake lashes, noted!).

Anyway let's get started~

Here's the before - after pic:

Products that I use:
Eyebrow: Etude house drawing eyebrow #3
Contact Lense: Ageha super big brownLips: Wet 'n' wild mega last 906D wine room

I love to finish off this makeup look with Korean gradient lips. If you are curious about how I create gradient lips, you can read my tutorial by click here!

Here's my complete look inspired by Hara

DONE! Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you guys next time


  1. aku ga percaya kamu seumuran akuh! hahahahahahahak *pites bocah*

    1. Kaaaaaaaaak, akoooh baru sweet seventeen kemaren kak! Trust me, it works~

  2. awww your loook really pretty girl!!
    love your tutorial~ the lenses you use are really nice~
    mind checking out my a makeup tutorial?
    xx Charmaine

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    1. Huge thanksssssssss dear! Of course! I'll visit your blog <3

  3. Great look! Very pretty.

    Keisha xo

  4. Ah... makasih Ririe sayang untuk mewujudkan request aku yang membahana cetar uhlalala ciaobella *PLAK!*

    nice tutorial Ri.... padahal tadi ngarepnya kamu bakal tutorial make up yang pas hara dengan rambut gulalinya (eh kok gue nawar? :p)

    ditunggu tutorial selanjutnya~ *kiss kiss kiss*

    1. Tadinya kepikiran yang itu juga, tapiiii ga ada propertynya cwiiiint! Siaaaap ayo cepat menyusul, bikin tutorial juga :*