Early December Haul - Nature Republic

Hi there, I'm going to show you what I've bought in the last day of November. A month ago I spent a lot of my money without think twice! But I never regret it because I'm fairly certain with all the products I've bought incredibly useful. And this products just arrived to my office in early December ^^

I got all of this products for only idr 59k and I'm screaming with happiness hihihi. At first I was curious about Nature Republic, because when I googling reviews for their products, not a lot came up. And only a few IBB who use it, so I end up try it without finding good reviews.

Collagen HD Foundation SPF25 PA++ (23 medium beige)
With 2 colors 21-soft beige and 23-medium beige, this foundation will be directed to your skin moist and smooth and classy look to cover the trasparent skin as flashy. Collagen triple containing 1.000ppm. 

How to use: Take an appropriate amount of this product, it painted streched evenly to the skin.

See the difference? For more info I really love the smell of this foundation. The foundation smells sweet like flowers. Love it!

Essential Solution Vita A and C Mask Sheet 28 gr
Vita A mask sheet brings energy to skin and vita C mask sheet makes your skin toner clear. The mask sheet divided into two parts, for upper and lower part of your face



Use it like other mask sheet. Wash your face before applying sheet mask to your face, then apply the upper first then the lower. Remove it gently after 15minutes.

Shine Blossom Blusher #2 Orange Blossom
A breakthrough loose powder formulated for each skin type, and it really looks like face powder. Easy to use but I don't think its going to work on my face. Maybe it will work on fair skin. SO SAD! hahahaha

With love,


  1. Aku pake maskernya sist yg vita-c, bagus loh. After using vita-c my face looks lighter and brighter :D